Glimpses of a Great Yogi – Part III – Chapter 3





On Thursday, June 16, 1994, Sadhuji received an urgent phone call from Sri Mani in the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Ashram at Tiruvannamalai, informing that Bhagavan wanted the Sadhu to come immediately to His abode for some important discussions.  Taking leave of Bharati and Nivedita, Sadhu left for Tiruvannamalai and reached the abode of the Master at 8-00 P.M. Rajalakshmi opened the gate and told that Bhagavan was waiting for the Sadhu. He was sitting in the verandah with Devaki and sending off Kulottungan with some instructions. He received the Sadhu and made him sit by His side. Then He took the copy of the Aradhana issue of ‘The Mountain Path’ and showed it to Sadhu and asked whether he had received it. Sadhu replied that he did not receive it. He then pointed out the article titled “Sri Yogi Ramsuratkumar” published in it. Sadhu received the magazine from Him and read the article severely criticizing TATTVA DARSANA and Sadhu Rangarajan for supporting Ma Devaki. After reading it, Sadhu just laughed. Devaki was surprised and she said, “I thought you would be upset by seeing such write up, but Bhagavan said that Rangaraja will not at all be affected and what He said has been proved to be true.” Sadhu said, “This write up has done no harm to TATTVA DARSANA or to Rangarajan, but it has pulled down the prestige and name of ‘The Mountain Path’. If Sri K. Swaminathan were alive to see this issue, he would have shed tears of blood lamenting on the fall of the journal once edited by him. Fortunately he is not alive.”

Bhagavan said, “This Beggar thought you would have received this issue.”

Sadhu replied, “I didn’t. However, it doesn’t affect me. I have the training under Swami Chinmayananda. If he were in my place, he would have given a fitting reply.” Sadhu further said, “This is also no surprise to me, for Anuradha had already told me that if they received the particular issue of TATTVA DARSANA, they will tear me into pieces. She said J.S. would ‘tear me into pieces’ if he is asked to review it. I asked her to do so and said, as an editor, I was not averse to criticism and I would happily welcome it and even publish it in TATTVA DARSANA.  But, I never expected that she herself will write the review and indulge in personal attack instead of criticism. This has brought down only the reputation of ‘The Mountain Path’.”

Ma Devaki said, “Bhagavan has said that this will be a blessing in disguise to TATTVA DARSANA, for ‘The Mountain Path’ goes all over the world to many hands and they will all know about TATTVA DARSANA and Sadhu Rangarajan and this will only enhance the glory of TATTVA DARSANA and Rangarajan. He said, it will not affect him.”

Sadhu agreed with that. Bhagavan said, “This is all an attempt to destroy the good work that Rangaraja has done for this Beggar by writing the editorial in TATTVA DARSANA. Therefore, this Beggar wants Rangaraja to give a strong reply to the article. But this Beggar wants no abuse to be given in return to abuse. The reply must be such that it reinforces the good work that Rangaraja has already done by writing the editorial.”

Sadhu replied: “Yes, Maharaj. I will give a very strong reply in a dignified language”

Bhagavan: “You must do so strengthening what you have already done for this Beggar and Ma Devaki by writing the editorial. You have taken three days to write the editorial and it doesn’t matter even if you take three days to write this reply. But, it must be strong and at the same time very dignified. No counter attack, but strengthen what you have said in the earlier editorial.”

Sadhu: “I will do so, Bhagavan. I can just reproduce what they have written and then give my reply point to point.”

Bhagavan: “This Beggar feels that you need not reproduce what they have written. It is not worth publishing. You may give your reply.”

Rajalakshmi brought coffee for us. While we were discussing, there was some foul smell around and Yogiji was wondering wherefrom it came. Devaki said, “Some insect might have been crushed. This smell seems to be that of flies or insects killed.” Bhagavan remarked: “No Devaki, there is no insect crushed here anywhere.” Then He looked into ‘The Mountain Path’ in Sadhu’s hand and said jovially, “It must be coming from the article”. All of us burst into laughter hearing His joke pregnant with meaning. Then we all went inside to take food.

After the food, Bhagavan asked Sadhu to keep ‘The Mountain Path’ and Sadhu’s editorial in TATTVA DARSANA side by side, read them again and again and go on pondering so that Sadhu might get an idea as to  how he should give the reply. He assured, “My Father will guide you!”

It was nearing 9-30 PM. Devaki remarked: “Bhagavan, Swami has travelled all the way from Madras and he must be tired. He can take some rest.”

Bhagavan: “Yes, he can take some rest if he wants. But, this Beggar will sit with him as long as he sits. If you want, you can take rest.”

Bhagavan then asked Devaki whether she could give the Sadhu some note book to not down whatever comes in his mind. Devaki took out a posh 1994 Diary, unused, and gave it to Bhagavan. She also gave a pen and suggested that both of them could be presented to Sadhu. Yogiji took that notebook and pen when Sadhu was immersed in thought. Later, He gave the diary and the pen to Sadhu.

First, Sadhu was planning to write in the morning, but then he felt, if he did it in Bhagavan’s very presence, he may get more light like Vasishtha Ganapathi Muni who sat before Bhagavan Ramana and wrote the Uma Sahasram. Sadhu told Bhagavan, “I shall write now itself, Maharaj.”

Bhagavan; “Yes, you can do so.”  He continued, as if He had studied the Sadhu’s mind, “This Beggar has already started writing something on the first page. Did you notice?”

Sadhu opened the first page and found Bhagavan’s signature—a big Devanagiri Aum—adorning the page. Thoughts surged up in the mind of the Sadhu and words started pouring down in black and white. Master was sitting there intently looking at the Sadhu while he was busy penning down the editorial. Sadhu didn’t know when Bhagavan started sleeping off. However, when Sadhu had to pause at one stage and think for a while before proceeding into a new para, Bhagavan opened His eyes, looked at Sadhu and muttered, “Oh, you are writing. Sadhu again flung into action. He finished the article at 1-30 AM. Bhagavan was sleeping. When Sadhu kept the diary and pen down and got up, Devaki woke up and asked Sadhu: “Swami, have you finished?” Sadhu replied “Yes” and then he lay down on a mat at the feet of the Master when Devaki switched off the light and moved away. Just an hour had gone and Sadhu was about to plunge into sleep. Just then, Bhagavan rose up and Sadhu also got up and sat by His side. Bhagavan asked: “Have you finished writing?” Sadhu replied: “Yes, Bhagavan, I have completed.” Bhagavan said, “Very good.” A little later, Devaki also got up and said, “In another half an hour, we will get milk and we will prepare coffee for you. Till then you both can sleep, Bhagavan.” Bhagavan said, “Alright, we will sleep.” Both Bhagavan and Sadhu laid down for further rest and slept off. When both of them got up by 3 or 3-30 AM, the coffee was ready. Over a cup of coffee both sat and at 4-00 AM, Brahma Muhurta on Friday, June 17, 1994, Sadhu started reading out the editorial to Bhagavan. Bhagavan listened to it with deep attention and asked Sadhu to read some sentences again. He made the Sadhu read editorial four times. Bhagavan exclaimed, “You have done a good job. You have done the work of this Beggar very well.” He asked, “It will fit in as editorial, isn’t it?” Sadhu replied: “Yes  Maharaj, it can go well as editorial.”

Bhagavan: “When is the next issue of TATTVA DARSANA due? Is it by July end?”

Sadhu: “By first week itself it will be ready, Maharaj. We are now getting ready three books. The Telugu edition of GLIMPSES OF A GREAT YOGI is ready for print. The TATTVA DARSANA is also getting ready. The Xerox copies of Sri Sivaramakrishna Iyer’s manuscript have been sent to Justice Arunachalam and Sri G. Sankararajulu for forward.”

Bhagavan: “Oh, you have sent it. Justice Arunachalam is coming tomorrow. But, we don’t know whether in the midst of developments there, he could have seen it.”

Sadhu: “As soon as it is ready, we will start the work on it.”

Bhagavan: “That is alright. My Father will see that all work progresses.”

Master wanted Sadhu to get ready to accompany Him in His morning visit to the Ashram site. Sadhu got ready and shared Bhagavan’s Kelviragu Kanji. Raji Mani brought the Ashram car. Prabha and Rajalakshmi sat with her in the front and Sadhu sat with Master and Devaki in the rear. Mani and Sundararaman received us in the Ashram site. Bhagavan and Sadhu went round seeing the progress of the construction work and the growth of newly planted trees. Later they sat in the dining hall. They had, with other devotees,  idiaappam and thengaaippaal as breakfast. Bhagavan said, “Rangaraja will also come back with us.” He then proceeded to Sudama with Sadhu and Sudama sisters.

Shaktivel came there and reported about developments in the house of Dr. Ramanathan at Madras where a burglary occurred and the identification of the culprits. Sadhu also reported to Bhagavan about the ‘light’ seen by Dr. Ramanathan in the shrine immediately after the incident,  the discovery of Ashram money remaining intact and Vijaya’s words about how Bhagavan saved them. Bhagavan gave a patient hearing and then sent away Shaktivel.

Bhagavan and Sadhu went inside and relaxed for some time. At 9-30 AM, they got up again and went to the Ashram site again with Devaki, Prabha and Rajalakshmi. Many devotees were waiting there for darshan of Bhagavan in the pandal outside. We went in and the other devotees were also let in. Parimala and her mother and family members, Vasantha Durairaj and her group from Madras and many others were there. Vasantha rendered some songs and then Bhagavan asked Sadhu to give a talk on Ramnam. Sadhu spoke for half an hour, narrating Master’s life and sadhana. After the talk, we returned to Sudama with Master.

In the afternoon, when we visited the Ashram site again, Mani brought the news that Justice Venkataswamy has become the Chief Justice of Patna High Court. Devaki remarked that Bhagavan studied in the Patna University. Bhagavan said that it was there He had  heard the talk of Dr. S. Radhakrishnan.

After watching the scaffolding work for the circular hall sitting on the chairs outside the darshan mandir, we went inside. Sadhu sat by the side of Bhagavan, while Devaki sat on the other side. Devotees sat in two rows in front. Dr. Rajalakshmi, Prabha and others sang songs.

Swaminathan came with message from Justice Arunachalam and the Superintendent of Police came there with a message from Smt. Kamali Sripal, wife of the DIG of Police. Yogiji asked him to request her to come on Sunday. Swaminathan brought his daughters and made them prostrate to us.

Swami Mathurananda came there and he was made to sit by Sadhu’s side. Master asked Sadhu once again to give a talk on Ramnam and Sadhu did so. After the talk we again returned to Sudama. Bhagavan referred to Sadhu’s description of Him as a Raja and said it may create a wrong impression. Devaki clarified that Sadhu had said whether living as a Beggar then or building an Ashram now, He was the same. However, Bhagavan said, “I am enjoying these comforts given by the sisters temporarily, but not a permanent arrangement.” Sadhu and Bhagavan took rest in the afternoon after the meals.

In the evening Sadhu sat with Bhagavan and discussed about Nivedita. Bhagavan was happy to hear that Nivedita got First Class and said, “It is Father’s blessing”. When Sadhu told that she was trying for M.Phil., but because she belonged to forward community, it will be difficult to get a seat. Bhagavan remarked that reservation affected people with talent and it was all the work of politicians for vote bank. He said, mediocre candidates get through. Devaki remarked that Nivedita should go in for Ph.D. and she may get scholarship which was a sumptuous amount like salary every month—some three or four thousand rupees. Bhagavan asked whether there was no reservation problem in it. Devaki replied that, for Ph.D., merit was considered. However, Sadhu clarified that when he got First Class First Rank in Madras University in M.A. and applied for UGC fellowship, he was informed that the UGC fellowships were reserved for S.C. and S.T. candidates. Bhagavan asked, “Is it so?”

Sadhu told Bhagavan that Bharati wanted Nivedita to be married, but he had not given any thought over the matter. Devaki asked why should we be busy for her marriage. She said, if Nivedita had any inclination for spiritual work to help Sadhu, she must be given freedom for that. Sadhu told Devaki that if he accepted the view, it might seem to be his selfishness and he should not wish that. Bhagavan said: “This Beggar totally agrees with Bharati Mata. Girls must be got married if they attain the age.”

Devaki: “Bhagavan, how can we compel anyone to get married?”

Bhagavan: “Devaki, you keep your woman’s liberation view with you. That is suited to the West, not to our country.”

Devaki: “No Bhagavan, I am not talking on women’s liberation. I just say that women must be free to decide.”

Bhagavan: “No Devaki, you again speak of woman’s liberation. It is our tradition that parents decide what is good for the girl. Paramacharya also holds the view.”

Bhagavan turned to Sadhu and asked him: “You know the views of Paramacharya?”

He was recalling the views of Paramacharya which we read at the time of upanayanam of Balakumaran’s son. Sadhu said, “Yes”.

Sadhu and Bhagavan spent some time lying outside in the verandah on two mats. Bhagavan asked Sadhu about his programmes in the course of the month. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the changes in the programme of visit to U.P. and his visit to the South. Sadhu told Him about his proposed visit to Rajapalayam on June 25 and the possibility of programmes on 24th and 26th at Srivilliputtur and then programmes in Tirunelveli, Kalakkad, Kanyakumari, etc. Sadhu also told Him about visit to Alwartirunagari. Bhagavan told Sadhu about the Jeers in Tirupathi and the construction of Srirangam Gopuram by the Jeer of Ahobila Math. Sadhu told Bhagavan that his family belongs to Ahobila Math tradition. He asked Sadhu whether the Jeer of Vanamamalai was Tenkalai. He also referred to the dispute about the Namam at Tirupathi. Sadhu told Him about the dispute over the Namam to be put on the forehead of Kanchipuram Varadaraj temple elephant which went up to the Privy Council. Sadhu said that at the time of Vedanta Deshika, there was no distinction even between Vaishnavites and Samarthas and inter-marriages were prevalent. Sadhu told Him that Bharati was Tenkalai. Bhagavan remarked that both Devaki and Rajalakshmi were Vadakalai.

Bhagavan asked Sadhu when he will return after his tour. Sadhu said, he will return by 1st or 2nd July after the Alwartirunagari visit. He also told Bhagavan that Sri D.S. Ganeshan would join him either at Madras or where the programmes start. Bhagavan asked whether it was not Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnan who used to accompany the Sadhu. Sadhu said, he used to accompany, but because of his old age he is not able to do so anymore. Sadhu said, Sri D.S. Sivaramakrishnan was now aged 72. Sadhuji also told Bhagavan about the family of Sri D.S. Ganeshan.

Sadhuji told Bhagavan about the plan of Sargunam and others to collect funds for the Ashram and Sadhu’s advice to them to get receipt books from the Ashram trust or ask the devotees to send money directly to the Ashram. Bhagavan said, Sadhu was right. He also advised Sadhu, “Do not get entangled in the fund collection. That will affect your Ramnam work. If they want, let them do it.” Sadhu agreed to the advice. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the laying of foundation stone by him for a Rama temple constructed by Dr. Rajalakshmi and Ramamoorthy. He enquired about the details of the project and blessed for its success.

Mani, Kulottungan and Sundararaman came to report about the progress of the work. Bhagavan made Rajalakshmi to sing a song of Periyasami Thooran. He said, Thooran’s songs were the best. He asked Sadhu whether he had met Thooran. Sadhu said, he had not met him. Bhagavan said, he had written books on Mahakavi Bharatiyar. Sadhu said, he had studied Thooran’s books for his Ph.D. research on Philosophy of Mahakavi Bharati. Bhagavan asked Sadhu about the details of his research, the period, etc. Sadhu said, he did the research work from 1979 to 1984 and then he left for South Africa to edit ‘Yoga Lessons for Children’, a prestigious publication of the Divine Life Society of South Africa. Though after his return he continued the work till his initiation by Bhagavan in 1987, he did not complete it and submit the thesis, though Dr. C.V. Radhakrishnan advised him to do so. Bhagavan felt, the research work should not be abandoned and it should see the light of the day.

Bhagavan asked Mani and Sundararaman whether the Ashram construction work would continue uninterrupted. They replied in the affirmative. Bhagavan assured them that funds would pour in. Sadhu told Bhagavan about Valliammai’s intention to do anna daanam to the workers in Ashram construction for a day. Bhagavan asked about her health. Sadhu said, her health was improving, though she was visiting the hospital for bedsores.

Bhagavan gave prasad to Mani and Kulottungan and saw them off. Then He took Sadhu and Sundararaman inside and we had meals. Bhagavan and Sadhu went to bed early as they were tired and they slept off.

Sadhu got up when Bhagavan woke up at 2-30 AM in the next morning. After about an hour and a half, both of them went to sleep again and got up when milk came in the morning. Devaki brought coffee. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to take out the letters of Lee Lozowick which Devaki had handed over to Sadhu on the instructions of Bhagavan. She read out some poems and then returned them to Sadhu. Bhagavan explained to Sadhu about the plan of Lee to construct his ashram adjacent to Bhagavan’s ashram. He said, the land was purchased for the purpose in the name of Mani. Bhagavan told Devaki that He wanted Sadhu to be informed about the progress of the work.

Sadhu took out the letters of Lee, Michel, Krishna and Swami Satchidananda and read out to Him. Devaki read Lee’s circular on Gurupoornima. She referred to the obedience of Lee’s devotees. Master referred to an incident when Lee’s words, “There will be room”, had an electrifying effect on his three stout lady devotees cramped in a small room to accommodate Nivedita with them before leaving for Madras with Lee. Bhagavan also spoke again about Lee sitting on hot iron bars in front of His Sannadhi Street abode and refusing to come in after he was asked not to come in earlier. When Sadhu read out Michel’s letter, Yogiji gave clarification regarding His blessing, “My Father blesses you!”

Devaki wanted to give Sadhu some cigarette butts of Bhagavan which Sadhu was preserving in his shrine at Madras. Bhagavan asked her to bring some cigarette wrappers also to be given along with the butts. Sadhu told Bhagavan about the preservation of the butts in a small drawer at the bottom of the glass case in which Bhagavan’s life size portrait was preserved in the shrine at Chennai and about the daily prayers and arati at the shrine.

Sadhu had his bath and got ready for his journey to Chennai. Bhagavan presented to him mangoes as Prasad. He blessed the diary in which Sadhu had written his editorial and He also blessed the danda and kamandalu. Sadhu offered his salutations to Ma Devaki and she also reciprocated by prostrating to the Sadhu. Then both Yogiji and Devaki came up to the gate to see him off. Bhagavan asked Sadhu to ask Nivedita to go in for research work. Sadhu took leave of them and reached the bus stop and caught the bus to Chennai, reaching there in the forenoon.

On Tuesday, June 21, 1994, Sadhu addressed a Vishnu Sahasranama Parayana session at Pammal, Chennai, and spoke on Ramanama. On Thursday, accompanied by Nivedita, he left for Rajapalayam, reaching there in the next morning. Sargunam, convener of Ramnam Movement, received us in the station and took us to the residence of Sri Balakrishna Raja and Smt. Vanaja, where a number of Bhagavan’s devotees including Sri Perumalappan had come. In the evening we proceeded to Srivilliputhur. Sri Ganeshan joined us there. A grand Ramnam Satsang was held in the Kalyanamantapam there and Sadhu addressed the gathering. There was bhajan by Pon Kamaraj. Sadhu distributed Bhagavan’s Prasad to all and then returned to Rajapalayam. In the evening on Saturday, June 25, Sadhu accompanied by Nivedita, Ganeshan, Vanaja and other devotees reached Andal temple where a Ramnam Satsang was held and Sadhu addressed a big gathering. Pon Kamaraj also rendered bhajan. On Sunday, Sadhu visited the house of Smt. Rajeswari, grand-daughter of Sri AR. PN. Rajamanickam and then went to the Bhajanaimatham, where Perumalappan and other devotees joined. Sadhu addressed the devotees and then went to Karivalamvandanallur, where also another satsang was held. In the night, Sadhuji returned to Rajapalayam. On Monday, there was a satsang in Raja’s house. Nivedita sang Hanuman Chalisa and did arati. On Tuesday, Sadhu and his party visited Kutralam, had bath in the water falls and visited Kutraleeswarar temple, Mahameru and Amman.

On Wednesday, June 29, Sadhu and his party reached Madurai where Sri Kannan of Tirunagar received us. Bhagavan’s devotees Sri G. Sankararajulu,    Sri N.S. Krishnan and Sri Anandaraj joined us. Sadhu visited the Ananda Matriculation School run by Sri Sankararajulu. A grand satsang was organized in the Tirunagar Pillayar Koil in the evening. The next morning, Sri Shankararajulu and Dr. Shaktivel picked up Sadhu and party and took us to the residence of Sri Sankararajulu and to Ananda Matriculation School. Later Sadhu took leave of them and proceeded to Nellai.

At Tirunelveli, the Ramnam Convener, Sri S.G. Padmanabhan, received Sadhu and his party. Sadhu’s elder brother, Sri V. Lakshmikanthan, also received him. From there Sadhu and his party proceeded to Kalakkad, where Sri Satyavagheeswaran received them. On Friday, July 1, Sadhu and his group visited Satyavageeswara Temple, a temple built by Maharaj Marthanda Varma. Sadhuji addressed a Ramnam Satsang there which was well attended. Workers of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Hindu Munnani and Vishwa Hindu Parishad had also attended the satsang.

On Saturday morning, Sadhu and his group returned to Tirunelveli. Accompanied by brother, Sri Lakshmikanthan, and other devotees, Sadhu proceeded to Alwar Tirunagari. Sadhuji was received by the Jeer Swamigal. Later, Sadhuji visited the poorvaashram house of the Jeer where Sri Raghuraman and his mother who was Master’s devotee, received the Sadhu. Then he came to Udayavar Sannidhi and addressed a gathering, speaking about the Ramnam movement. Sadhu spent some time with the Jeer and then with his poorvaashram family members before leaving for Tiruchendur.

On Sunday, July 3, Sadhu had bath in sea at Tiruchendur and Nazhikkinaru. He visited the temple and had darshan of Sendhil Murugan. Later Sadhu and his group proceeded to Tuticorin and reached the house of Sri AR.PN. Rajamanickam where he spent some time with Smt. Damayanti and Smt. Vasuki and held Ramnam Bhajan and performed arati. Later, Sadhu and his group left for Tiruchirappalli reaching there in the evening.

Sri P. Ramakrishnan, Convener of Ramnam Movement and Sri Ranganatha Bhagavatar came and took Sadhu and party to Ramakrishna School Bhajanai Matham, on Monday, July 4, and  in spite of heavy rain and power failure, a grand Ramnam satsang was held there. Sadhuji took rest in the house of a devotee, Smt. Sudha. In the next morning, Sri D.S. Ganeshan took leave of Sadhu who accompanied by Nivedita, left for Chennai, reaching there in the noon.

On Sunday, July 10, for the monthly Akhand Ramnam Satsang at Sadhu’s abode, Bhagavan’s devotees from Tiruvalloor, including Smt. Lalitha, Ramdas and sons, were present. Lakshminarasimhan and family from Dharmapuri had also joined. The next morning, Sri T.R. Ramachandran, Editor of TATTVA LOKA published by Sri Sringeri Peetham, called on Sadhu.

On Tuesday, July 19, 1994, Sadhu wrote a letter to Bhagavan reporting about his visit to South and his plan to visit Bhagavan’s abode at the time of Gurupoornima:

“Poojyapada Sri Gurudev,

Vande Mataram! Aum Namo Bhagavate Yogi Ramsuratkumaraya! Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! This Sadhu’s humble prostrations and salutations at Your Holy Feet! Salutations and adorations to Ma Devaki and Sudama sisters!

By Your benign grace and blessings, our tour in the southern districts of Tamil Nadu in the latter half of June and first week of July for Ramanam Prachar was a grand success. Sri D.S. Ganeshan, our Provincial Convener, and Kum. Nivedita accompanied this Sadhu. We visited Srivilliputhur, Rajapalayam, Karivalamvandanallur, Madurai, Tirunelveli, Kalakkadu, Alwartirunagari, Tiruchendur, Tuticorin and Tiruchirappally. Everywhere, we could enroll more and more devotees as participants in the Nama Japa Yagna.

The current issue of TATTVA DARSANA is under print and will be ready by tomorrow. It carries the editorial written by this Sadhu in Your presence. This Sadhu intends to reach there tomorrow evening or day after tomorrow morning with the copies of the issue to be placed at Your Holy Feet on the eve of Gurupoornima, seeking Your blessings.

Chi. Vivek, who has dedicated his M.E. thesis to You and Ma Devaki, submitted it to the Annamalai University last week. He is also coming with this Sadhu.

With saashthaanga pranaams, Your humble disciple,

Sadhu Rangarajan.”

If we plant a tree and water it, we should wait for the fruits to come at the appropriate time. Just because of our pouring water we cannot get the fruits immediately. We should wait for the proper time.

—Yogi Ramsuratkumar

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