The Great Boatman


Sadhu Rangarajan
c/o Sri T.S. Sinha
Retd. Dy. Collector,
Indu Sinha Cottage,
D-73, Acharya Narendradev Marg
Prayag 211002


H.H. Yogi Ramsuratkumar


Tiruvannamalai 606 601

Poojya Sri Gurudev,

Vande Mataram! Aum Namo Bhagavate Yogi Ramsuratkumaraya! Aum Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram! Hundred thousand salutations and pranams from this humble disciple!

Mysterious are the ways in which You have been moulding the destiny of this humble disciple ever since this sadhu surrendered himself at Your holy feet! One of Your three fathers, Ramana had the experience of death before his renunciation. Swami Rama Tirtha had the experience of Jala Samadhi and the culmination of his saintly life. This sadhu has always been wondering what those experiences would be. And You, in Your benign grace, made me today have a taste of those experiences. But You did not leave me to end up there. You brought me back to life to continue Your work.

This sadhu hardly realized that Death was chasing him when he drove to the Ganges this morning for my ablutions. Yesterday, when I had gone there for morning bath, I had left my sandals below a platform on which a pandit was sitting with his Chandan, kumkum and flowers. My host felt that somebody must have taken it away and I may not get it. But I told him that my Master is very merciful and he would see that I never lose anything. Reaching the Ganges, I found the sandals intact. Happily thanking You, I removed my garments and ran into the waters to take bath. I did prayers to Mother Ganga, remembered You and then took three dips. Then in a playful mood, I tried to swim. But soon I found that the sand below my leg had given way and I was being dragged to the middle of the river by a swift current. The bathing ghat was unusually less crowded and for the very few people who were there, it took some time to realize that I was not swimming and was being dragged away by Mother Gange. And even when they realized, probably none of them knew swimming or was too dazed to rush to my help as I was at a distance. I was frantically struggling to keep my head above the water level and raise my hands to indicate where I was. I found death staring at my face, trying to devour me, but a sudden flash of thought about You came in the mind. I felt that You were rushing to my help. With the confidence of a child in the mother’s alms, I resigned myself to Your Grace and made valiant attempt to float, at least to raise my palm above the water level. Suddenly I felt Your presence very near me. Though I was below the level of water, I found someone dragging me up by bolding the lock of my hair and then a hand held my palm! When I raised my head about the water level, and opened my eyes, I found two boats around me making an angle and the boatmen trying to pull me up. One of them caught hold of my legs which I raised to reach the verge of the boat, lifted me up by my leg and rolled me into his boat. “Thank God, if we were late even by a minute or two, you would have gone!” , they exclaimed. On reaching the shore, my host, Sanjay, who heaved a big sigh of relief, said that the boatmen had just arrived there with loads of passengers and hearing the frantic shouts of the people on the shore, “Wo Babaji doob rahe hai!” – “That Sadhu is getting drowned” – they raced towards me and closed up in time to save me. I wiped my body with a dry towel and turned round to look for them but the boatmen had gone with another load of passengers. My inner voice tells me that You are that Great Boatman who has brought me to the shore. Yesterday, in a special Ramnam satsang at Sri Sinha’s place, I spoke about the fickleness of human existence and stressed the need to make it sublime by turning to a higher goal in life. When I was talking on Death which snatches away everything in a trice, I sincerely felt that You have given me a higher life by placing a lofty goal before me. Probably it is for the fulfillment of that goal that You have snatched me back from the clutches of Death. The new life that You have given me is dedicated once again at Your holy feet! Thy will be done! Ganga is Your mother; She has returned me to You for Your work!

The Ramnam work is in full swing in U.P. Sri T.S. Sinha is doing a very dedicated and wonderful work. Even the Mundan ceremony of his grandson, Chandan, which is to take place tomorrow, is turned into a satsang for Ramnam Prachar by him. As soon as I reached here, he got Your address from me and posted an invitation to You. It is Your immense grace that You have blessed for the success of the function. All the members of Sri Sinha’s family pray for Your grace and blessings.

This sadhu will leave for Lucknow tomorrow, to participate in the Rama Tirtha Jayanti on 20, 21 and 22 Oct., and may go to Ayodhya on 23rd. We will be back here on 24th and will be visiting Chitrakoot, Benaras, etc., for Ramnam Prachar. We have a grand Ramnam Japa Yajna programme here on 27th. Then this sadhu will chalk out programme of visit to other places like Jamshedput etc.

People of this State are very enthusiastically participating in the Ramnam Movement. Invitations to visit Meerut, Gaziabad, Banda and other places have also come. Everywhere devotees are very eager to hear about Yogi Ramsuratkumar and they pray to get an opportunity to meet you.

With Prem and Prostrations,

Your humble disciple,


[While the above letter was on its way to the abode of this sadhu’s gurudev at Tiruvannamalai in Tamilnadu, children of this Sadhu, Ch. Vivekanandan and Kumari Nivedita made a visit to Tiruvannamalai to have the Yogi’s darshan. The All-Knowing Mahatma took a handful of flowers, wrapped them up in a paper and gave to the children, asking them to carefully carry it and hand over to their mother, Smt. Bharati. They could realize the significance of Master’s action only after four days when a copy of this sadhu’s letter to the Master reached simultaneously the Mahatma took a handful of flowers, wrapped them up in a paper and gave to the children, asking them to carefully carry it and hand over to their mother, Smt. Bharati. They could realize the significance of Master’s action only after four days when a copy of this sadhu’s letter to the Master reached simultaneously the Yogi Ramsuratkumar Youth Association for their file.

On return from U.P., this sadhu called on my Master at Tiruvannamalai on November 11, 1991, to apprise him about the visit to the North and the preparations made for the International Ramnam Convention and 74th Jayanti Celebrations of Yogi Ramsuratkumar at Madras on November 30 and December 1. Like in a police investigation, the Master inquired into every minute detail of the incident on the lap of Mother Gange. When this sadhu said that it was all the Grace of the Master that this Sadhu is back to do His work, the Master replied with a gentle smile: “It is all Father’s Grace. If this Beggar had the power to save you, He would not have allowed you to be carried away by the waters of Ganga. It is Father who has saved you. All is Father’s Grace!” When this sadhu told Him that He alone was this sadhu’s Father, Mother and everything and probably He wanted to test my faith in Him and that is why such a thing happened, he simply laughed and asked: “Will you publish this in TATTVA DARSANA?” This sadhu replied that he would publish as it is, the whole letter that this sadhu wrote to Him. He raised His hand and blessed us. Then He started enquiring into the details of our successful tour in U.P. and the names and particulars of distinguished people who were expected to come to Madras from far and wide to attend the Jayanti celebrations.

Guru Mahimaa, Guru Mahimaa,

Apaara Mahimaa Guru Mahimaa

–          Sadhu Rangarajan

[TATTVA DARSANA, Vol 8-No 4, Nov 1991-Jan 1992]