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The mark of a true Hindu is not whether he worships any god or goddess in the Hindu pantheon, follows any system of Hindu philosophy, cult or guru, practises Hindu rites, traditions or rituals and visits Hindu temples, Mathas and pilgrim centers, but whether he adores and worships his mother and Motherland that are greater than heaven. If he is not, he is a mlechcha – a non-Hindu and an outcaste. The word mlechcha was used in the past to denote those who came from outside India, who had no loyalty to this nation and to those who accepted the culture and religion of the aliens and gave up the precious cultural and spiritual heritage of the Motherland.

During the struggle for India’s freedom, Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo who dreamt of setting up a Bhavani Mandir, a temple dedicated to Bharatamata, presented his ideal in inspiring words:

“We cannot get strength unless we adore the Mother of Strength. We will therefore build a temple to the white Bhavani, the Mother of Strength, the Mother of India. This temple will be the centre from which Her worship is to flow over the whole country…. This is also what the Mother has commanded.”

“The Shakti we call India, Bhavani Bharati, is a living unity of the Shaktis of 300 million people (then in about 1907). It is not a piece of earth, nor a figure of speech, nor a fiction of the mind. This is our mother country.”

“Adoration will be dead and ineffective unless it is transmuted into Karma (action). We will have, therefore, a Math with a new Order of Karmayogins attached to the temple, men who have renounced all in order to work for the Mother.”

Who is a True Hindu?

Hiranmayena paatrena satyasyaapihitam mukham

Tattvam pooshan apaavrunu satya dharmaaya drishthaye!

“The face of Truth is covered with a golden chalice! Oh Nourisher of the world, please unveil it so that we shall see the face of Truth-Righteousness!!”—This is the fervent prayer of the Vedic Rishi in the Kathopanishad. We too have to cry out and pray earnestly to the Divine Mother if we have to see the true face of the Hindu. And when the Mother unveils for us the true face of the Hindu, we will be shell shocked to realize that Hindus are an insignificant minority in this very land of Bharatavarsha.

If we go by the definition of the word Hindu—

Aasindhu sindhuparyetaa yasya Bhaarata bhoomikaa,

Pitrubhoo, punyabhooschaiva sa vai Hinduriti smritah

“All those who adore and worship this Bharatavarsha extending from the River Sindhu in the north to the Sindhu, that is Hindumahasagar or Indian Ocean, in the south, as the land of their forefathers and the holy land, alone are Hindus”—then the majority of the people living in this country do not qualify themselves to be called Hindus. How many of the Hindus in our land today adore and worship the Motherland every day? Breaking a coconut while doing bhoomi pooja once or twice in a lifetime, on occasions like laying of foundation for a house or shop, is not adoration or worship of the Motherland. It is an utterly selfish act prompted by a superstitious belief that something will happen to the structure if it is not built after bhoomipooja. How many of the so called Hindus touch the Mother Earth every morning when they get up from the bed, uttering the traditional prayer to the Mother to forgive them for the sacrilege of placing their feet on Her holy dust—

Samudravasane devi, parvata sthanamandale

Vishnupatnee namastubhyam paadasparsham kshamaswa me

“Oh Mother Bhoodevi, the Divine Consort of Lord Vishnu, who wears the oceans as cloth, whose breasts are the mighty mountains, salutations unto You; please forgive me for the sin of placing my legs on you”

—and touch the sacred dust of Motherland with both the hands and place them with all reverence on their heads and hearts?

The great Tamil poet-philosopher, Mahakavi C. Subramania Bharati, addressing the little kids of his Motherland, sang:–

Chedamillaata Hindusthaanam

Atai deivamenru kumbidadi paappaa—

“Oh little child, adore and worship the Undivided Hindustan—Akhanda Bharat—as your Goddess.”

Hindus Who Have Gone Astray

It is the so called Hindus and their leaders who acceded to the demand of the Muslims to divide this Motherland of ours, as the Muslims could not get on with the Hindus in this land. Not only that, after cutting asunder the limbs of the Motherland and gifting them to the Muslims, they declared the rest of India as a ‘secular’ country where everybody including those who have been responsible for the partition, who do not accept the country as a sacred land, to whom their holy land is Mecca or Jerusalem or Vatican and not Bharat, could live here as a legacy that they have inherited from the invaders and colonialists who subjugated this land for centuries.

Leave alone the Muslims and Christians who refuse to accept this Motherland as a sacred land to be adored and worshipped, who refuse to sing the national anthem ‘Vande Mataram’ because it eulogizes this land as the manifestation of the Mahashakti who is Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswati. Think of those hypocrites who call themselves ‘Hindus’ while recording their names in the census register and while filling applications wherein they have to mention their religion, but feel ashamed to call themselves so openly because they find the name narrow, fundamentalist and anti-secular. And they have no sense of shame when they go and sit in a cocktail party on the eve of Christmas or New Year, drink gruel in an Iftar party to please Muslims, participate in a ball-room dance, wander about in jeans and mini-skirts, celebrate Valentine’s Day and feel proud to be followers of the western culture and way of life. They do not even hang their heads in shame when their boys and girls elope with boys and girls from the Christian or Muslim community and get converted to those religions.

Spurious Religious and Spiritual Leaders

You cannot find a Christian who does not adore Jesus and the Father in the Heaven. You cannot find anywhere in the world a Muslim who does not worship Allah and accept Prophet Mohammad as the only messenger of God. However, you can find umpteen numbers of religious and spiritual organizations, cults and missions of the so called Hindus, who do not even dare to call themselves Hindu lest they will incur the displeasure of the Muslims, Christians and lose the tag of “Universal Religion”. These institutions are led by blind spiritual preceptors, gurus, matajis, swamis and swaminis who think that Hinduism or Hindutwa is a narrow fundamentalist concept whereas they themselves are “Universal”. They do not accept the fact that Hinduism is a universal and eternal way of life evolved by the great sages and saints of this holy land of Bharatavarsha and is meant not only for the children of this holy land, but for the entire humanity and therefore called “Maanava Dharma“. These organizations and cults often display the symbols like cross, crescent, etc., along with Aum or lotus and try to woo followers of other faiths like Islam and Christianity, but no Mullah or Moulvi, Padri, Bishop or Pope has ever accepted these institutions even as worthy as the dust of the feet of the followers of the Semitic religions. They scoff at the claim of these spiritual leaders that Hinduism, Christianity and Islam are equal and wonder how an ‘Infidel’ or a ‘Kafir’ can claim equality with Christianity or Islam. These spurious religious institutions, mutts and missions project their own Gurus, Godmen and Godwomen as greater than the gods, goddesses, saints and sages worshipped in the Hindu tradition since times immemorial. Most often, in order to keep up an “International” image, these organizations avoid with meticulous care, glorification of Mother Bharat or Sanatana Dharma, but at the same time misuse the names of the glorious spiritual techniques of the Hindu way of life, like Kriya, Yoga, Dhyana, etc., to hoodwink the so called spiritual aspirants who come and fall into their trap like moths in the flame.

Motherland–The Living God

Let us leave out these hypocrites and look at those who call themselves devout Hindus. How many of them qualify to be called really Hindus? Displaying religious marks like Vibhuti, Chandan, Kumkum and Naamam on the forehead, performing rites and rituals according to Hindu traditions and going to the temples in the hope of getting mundane material benefits, and running after spiritual leaders in the belief that by offering donations and purchasing their blessings and grace, the worldly problems could be solved, do not make one a real Hindu.  We see everyday, among people who do all such things, such utterly selfish brutes who leave even their aged parents in lurch or send them to old age homes so that they can live comfortably with their beloved wife and children, amassing as much bank balance as possible by hook or crook, and prepared even to desert their Motherland and settle down in distant lands if they could easily make fortunes there. Lord Sri Rama declared, “Jananee janmabhoomischa swargaadapi gareeyasi“—”Mother and Motherland are greater than the Heaven”. We see the so called Hindus who adore thirty three crores of Gods and Goddesses, but express their stupidity by asking a silly question whether Sri Bharatamata is a Goddess or Deity to be worshipped. There are some among them who are even well educated! In how many Hindu homes do you find the portrait or picture of Sri Bharatamata as Simhavaahini Durga with the Bhagava Dwaja in Her hand? In many temples, you find many Parivaara Devataas apart from the main deity, but in how many temples do you find a sanctum sanctorum for Sri Bharata Bhavani?

Now, let us for a moment forget about these rubbish heaps that have been making the Hindu society stink, and take the case of those handful of Hindus who claim to adore and worship Mother Bharat as the Mother of the whole universe, and who are proud to call themselves the descendants of the great sages and seers of this land, Bharatavarsha–the Preceptor of the World—Loka Guru. Do they really see themselves as the real sons of the Divine Mother Bharatamata? If they see themselves so, then there would definitely spring up in their bosom a feeling of unity and brotherhood with all those who think like them as children of Mother Bharat. However, we find everywhere a thick wall of egoism and egocentric desires separating these children from each other. For ages, efforts have been made by great men and women to bring these children together to build up a strong and well-integrated Hindu society, but every effort has been proved to be short-lived or unsuccessful. The reason is that though these Hindu brethren intellectually understand the oneness of the Hindu nation and fraternity of the Hindu race, they are not able to translate that intellectual understanding into a spiritual realization of the oneness of the Self—the Asmita or Chiti—of the Hindu society and nation by destroying their ego and seeking the identity with the Nation’s Self—the Deshaatmabodh. Therefore they are not able to stand together and worship their common Mother—Sri Bharatamata. The bloated ego makes each one of them to be one’s own leader and not to submit oneself to another’s leadership for the cause of the country and Dharma. The result is that they have proved themselves to be impotent eunuchs facing the onslaught of anti-Hindu and anti-national forces in their very Motherland. The salvation to the Hindu society, the re-establishment of the glorious Hindu Nation and the ascendance of Sri Bharatamata once again to the throne of Loka Guru is possible only when all the true Hindus stand together under one banner, worship the Mother Sri Bharataamba devotedly and sing Her praise in one voice.

Worship of Sri Bharatamata

And what is adoration and worship of Sri Bharatamata? It is not in performing Abhisheka and Arati to the idol, showing Dhoopa and Deepa and offering flowers, fruits and prasaad, but loving and serving the children of Mother Bharat, irrespective of their caste, creed or community. The great King Ranti Deva prays in the Srimad Bhagavata,

Na twaham kaamaye raajyam, na sukham na apunarbhavam,

Kaamaye dukha taptaanaam praaninaam aarti naashanam

—”I do not aspire for kingdom, comforts, not even Immortality; all that I aspire for is the removal of the pain and agony of all beings afflicted with sorrow.”

Sri Ramakrishna while on a pilgrimage to Kashi found poor and downtrodden people on the way and asked his patron Mathur Babu who was accompanying him to distribute all the money they had to the suffering people, declaring that he saw his Shiva in them only. Swami Vivekananda, on the eve of his historic voyage to America to attend the Parliament of Religions, found on the Marina Beach of Madras, some fishermen children with emaciated faces and empty stomachs, afflicted by poverty and suffering. He cried aloud, ” Oh God! Why you have created such suffering beings?” and distributed among the poor all the money that some enthusiastic youth of Madras had collected for his voyage. And on his triumphant return from abroad, in the course of his grand journey from Colombo to Almora, he called out to the Bharatiya youth to worship the Virat, the poor and downtrodden of the land, and gave out his message, “Serve man, serve God!” How many of the so-called Hindu brethren follow his advice and translate his message into action?

India that is Bharat will emerge as a powerful nation in the world, the day Hindus in this country and those abroad, who consider the land of their forefathers as a holy land that has given to them the most sacred values of life evolved by the ancient sages and seers, start worshipping the Divine Mother in the form of Sri Bharatamata and celebrate the Akshaya Triteeya as the day most auspicious to worship Her. When they start doing this in congregation and sing the eternal song, Vande Mataram as the hymn addressed to the divine Mother, this land of Bharatavarsha will become a beacon shedding the light of eternal knowledge about the meaning and purpose of human life to the entire world.

Our hard won freedom is at stake. The enemies on our borders are just waiting for the moment of betrayal of our nation by the unpatriotic, corrupt and selfish politicians who are prepared to sell their mothers and motherland for the sake of material comforts and fortunes. We need Parashuramas, Vidyaranyas and Samarth Ramdasas to create once again a new class of warriors and heroes who will sacrifice their everything at the altar of the Motherland and raise Her once again to Her pristine glory. Today the time has come for us to consecrate the temple of Sri Bharatamata with our own blood and flesh through acts of supreme self-sacrifice. Those who are unable to stand up to protect the honour and dignity of the motherhood of the nation and our sacred Motherland are mlechchas of the modern period irrespective of the religion that they profess or practise.

Akshaya Triteeya—The Day for Worship of Bharatamata

Vaishaaka Shukla Triteeya, the third day of the bright fortnight of the month Vaishakh of Vasanta Ritu (Spring Season) according to Hindu calender, known as Akshaya Triteeya is a day auspicious for the worship of Sri Bharatamata. Mother Earth is productivity and plenty incarnate and the Spring season is resplendent with the natural glory of Mother Earth. The reason for this day to be auspicious is the position of Sun and Moon on that particular day. Every year, Akshaya tritiya falls between April 14th and May 14th. During this period, Sun is in the Aries which is in exalted position and Moon in Taurus which is also in exalted position. As the Sun, the lord of the planets and the Moon the lord of creativity (sense) are exalted, that day is considered to be an auspicious day in India. On this day people can take blessings of their elders and parents. They can perform pujas and homas.

Rishi Bankim Chandra eulogizes Sri Bharata Bhavani in his famous Vande Mataram song with the words: “Mother I bow to Thee! Rich with thy hurrying streams, bright with Thy orchard gleams, cool with Thy winds of delight, dark fields waving, Mother of Might, Mother free”. This is the Spring Glory of our Motherland. “Life on this earth, to be prosperous and happy, needs a suitable mental outlook. Such an outlook is said to dawn upon humanity with every glimpse of the slender moonlight of the crescent moon that appears on the third lunar day of each bright fortnight (shukla triteeya). Hence the selection of this tithi for the worship of the Mother”, says Skandanarayan, a renowned scholar and writer on Hindu scriptures and astrology. This day is also auspicious because it is the day of the commencement of Treta Yuga which saw the advent of Maryaadaa Purushottama Sri Ramachandra. It is also the auspicious day of Sri Parasurama Jayanti. The womenfolk of Bharat adore the Divine Mother in the form of Saraswati, Lakshmi and Kali and go in for purchase of ornaments etc., which mark the prosperity of the family.

Sri Bharatamata Mandir at Bangalore

Sri Bharatamata Mandir in Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram at Krishnarajapuram, Bangalore, is a unique temple where Sri Bhavani Bharati has been consecrated as Bhagavati as envisaged by great patriot saints like Bankim Chandra Chatterjee, Swami Vivekananda, Swami Rama Tirtha, Sister Nivedita, Sri Aurobindo, Mahakavi Subramania Bharati, Sri Subramania Sivam, Sri Badrish Mahashaya and Sri Satyadev Maharaj.

Nitya Poojas, Abhisheka, Homa and celebration of festivals like Akshaya Triteeya and Navaratri are celebrated according to the injunctions of Tantra Shastra. On the occasion of the Praanapratishtha of the Vigraha of the Divine Mother Bharatabhavani installed on Sri Chakra, by Poojyapada Jagadguru Sri Vishwesha Teertha of Pejawar Mutt, Udipi, in the presence of Sri H.V. Seshadri, former Sah-Sarkaryavah of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, on December 8, 2004, in the Poornaahuti of the Chandi Homa performed on the occasion, the Divine Mother manifested in the sacred fire, proving that Sri Bharatamata is not just a geographical territory or Motherland of ours, but She is Mahashakti. Every year, Akshaya Triteeya is celebrated in the Mandir with Araadhana, Abhisheka and special Poojas, including Deepa Pooja by the mothers.

Sir John Woodroffe, the renowned authority on the Tantra Shastra says, “Shri Bhagavati who, though appearing in one of her forms as Bharata Shakti is not merely a Devi of Hindus but their name for the one Mother of the World.” According to Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo Bhavani Bharati is “a mighty Shakti, composed of the Shaktis of all the millions of units that make up the nation, just as Bhavani Mahisha Mardini sprang into being from the Shakti of all the millions of Gods assembled in one mass of force and welded into unity.”

Tantrik sadhakas who have visited the temple have experienced the powerful divine vibrations in the temple. An auditorium, guest rooms and a library room have come up on the top floor of Sri Bharatamata Gurukula Ashram housing Sri Guruji Golwalkar Hindu Resource Centre and Yogi Ramsuratkumar Indological Research Centre of Sister Nivedita Academy and now, on the top of the sanctum sanctorum of Sri Bharatamata Mandir, the work to put up a Mahameru Gopura has started. The construction in the model of Bhagavati temples in Kerala will have a pyramid shaped Shikara or peak with a Meru at the bottom, right above the roof of the sanctum sanctorum. The Shikara will receive Cosmic Energy, store them in the Meru and inundate the whole sanctum sanctorum and the temple premises with the cosmic vibrations of Maha Shakti. The Shikhara Sthapana Pooja and Vastu Pooja for commencing the construction work of the Mahameru Gopura were performed in the morning of Thursday, July 28, 2011.

The Dream of a Sadhu

To a Sadhu whose Ishtha Devata—the Deity of adoration—is Mother Bharatamba, the Mother of all Gods and Goddesses, the Mother of all cultures and civilizations and the manifestation of the Universal Mother who raises up all Her children from the lowest forms of existence like plants and animals to the highly rational human species in a process of evolution to the highest realms of Divinity, the one and only dream is to see Her re-installed on the pedestal of Loka Guru—the Preceptor of the World, for the message of the most ancient Seers is “Etad desha prasootasya sakaashaat agrajanmanaha, swam swam charitram siksheran prithivyaaha sarva maanavaah“—”Let the entire humanity sit at the feet of the holy preceptors of this sacred land and learn the meaning and purpose of their existence!” His dream can never be different from that of the Rig Vedic Rishi who gave expression to His dream in the national prayer:

Om aa brahman braahmano brahmavarchasee jaayataam.

Aa raashtre raajanyah shoora ishadhyoatidhyaadheeh mahaaratho jaayataam.

Dogdhree dhenurvodaanangvaanaashuh saptih purandharyoshaa jishnuratheshtaah sabheyo yuvaasya yajamaanasya veero jaayataam.

Nikaame nikaame nah parjanyo varshatu phalavatyo na oshadhayah pachyantaam yogakshemo nah kalpataam“—Yajurved 22.22

—”Let all the Brahmans, i.e. those who possess the highest intuitive wisdom, in this nation shine with the lustre of Brahmanical spirit, i.e., the spirit of acceptance of all beings as the manifestation of one and only Divinity. Let all the Kshatriyas, i.e. men of valour and strength of their shoulders turn out into protectors of this Holy land with mastery in the art of weapons and science of warfare; may the heroes be all great intrepid Maharathis or warriors of the highest standard; let the cows yield good volume of milk (meaning let the wealth of the nation proliferate); may the bullocks and the horses in this country become strong and speedful (meaning let the transport and communication network in the country efficiently integrate the nation); may the women be of very dignified character, possessed with great virtues and charms and good mistresses of houses which they rule; let the householders turn out to be valiant in assemblies and on battle-fields; may they get good children who will also shine as great assembly-men; let the rains bless this land according to seasons and as much as we want; let the herbs and trees bear ample flowers and fruits; let the whole life of this our nation be full in acquisition and use of all things which make the life comfortable and joyful!”

This dream of the ancient Rishi could be fulfilled in the modern nation if and only if every child of the land adopts this Motherland of ours as the Supreme Deity of adoration, keeping aside all other gods, goddesses, cults and religions, and vows to sacrifice his or her all at the Mother’s Altar. Sister Nivedita wanted every educated youth of the country to go from village to village enlightening the common masses on the glory and greatness of this great nation. And Mahayogi Sri Aurobindo wanted that the unnatural partition of the country must be undone at any cost. That is the still unfulfilled dream of this Sadhu and like the humble squirrel that played its little part in the Setubandhan of Lord Sri Ram, we will play our humble role to see this dream of all the great Mahatmas of this land fulfilled in our life time.

We invoke the Divine Grace of Sri Bharatamata on all Her children in India and abroad, and also on all beings in the world as She is the Vishwa Maataa too. May all live in peace and bliss! Let us celebrate festivals like the Akshaya Tritiya  and Navaratri in every hearth and home of the Hindus in India and outside the country as the festival for the adoration of Mother Bharat. Let the prayer room in every Hindu home be adorned with the picture of Bharatamata.

Vande Mataram! Bharatmata ki jai!